The purpose of the Combo Group Pricing is to blend the pricing of two Occupancy Groups or Comp Set Groups for a unit.  This tool is beneficial for those unique units which fall into two different Occupancy or Comp Set** Groups.  

An example would be if you have an Oceanfront unit that is also a brand-new build, so you want it based on the "Premium Units" pricing too.  You could assign that unit's pricing to be based on 2 occupancy groups to work together.  

If you want to try it out, go to Pricing Rules > MaxYield > Combo Groups button (middle top row).  

On the Combo Groups page, in the top right corner click on the "Add Combo Group" button.  

Next, name the Combo Group, and select the two Sub-Groups you want that unit assigned to.  You must click on "Add to Group" on the right side.  And then assign the "weight" (%) you want that unit to lean on for pricing purposes.  This is based on your knowledge of that unit, and those Occupancy Groups.   Example: If the unit will be more valued in the guest's eyes for being on the Oceanfront (instead of new), you can assign that Group a higher percentage for pricing influence. 

For Combo Group Pricing feature, you can set this up only unit by unit.  There is not a bulk setup option for this pricing feature.  A reminder to complete the setup by attaching the unit to this Combo Group.  (MaxYield > Pricing Rules > click on unit > click on "Combo Group" tab > assign to correct Combo Group.

**If you want to learn more about Comp Set Groups, check out this resource on GROW RML written resource or Training Video

Please let us know if this answers your questions about Combo Group pricing feature, or if you have further questions.