We encourage you to check out all the great training videos on our GROW RevMax Learning (RML) platform!  

You can access it quickly through the RevMax Help (?) Icon or go directly to the GROW website. 

We have both training videos and written documents for detailed instructions in there for you, created by our RevMax Revenue Management team.

In the "My Courses" section, you will find the training videos per subject / topic.  Once you are in the Cources section, click on the "RevMax Learning" folder.  You can search on the side bar for the topic you want to learn more about.  

In the "Resources" section, you will find step-by-step written documents that make great quick references when you are setting up a new feature (or need a reminder if it has been awhile). Once on the Resource section, click on the "RevMax Resources" folder.  You can search on the side bar for the topic / feature you want to learn more about.

After reviewing the training videos, you will receive a Completion notification.  You can download any of the written resources for quick references in the future as well.  If you have more questions after reviewing those resources, please reach out to "info@getrevmax.com."