To get the unit in the group correctly, you will open the occupancy group and add the home from there. You can also delete it from the old group if you no longer wish for it to be in that group anymore. Here are the steps:

1-Click Home Settings

2-Click Add Occupancy group (this will pull up all your groups)

3-Click the pencil icon to "edit" the group

4- Click the "units" tab

5- Find the unit in the "available units" column

6- Click the arrow to move it into the "selected units" column

Then if you would like to remove it from the old group, you would follow the same steps with the Occupancy group you would like to remove it from, and move the unit from the "selected" column and into the "available" column.

The reason behind this is that you can have one unit in multiple occupancy groups. For Max Yield, however, a unit can only pull occupancy information to yield from one group. So, when you put it in a group under the yielding tab, that is where yielding is getting its information on the occupancy.