Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Check Compset pricing is enabled and that you have assigned a compset to your units. This is assigned in the Compset tab inside each unit.

  • Go to RevMax>Pricing Rules>Competitive Set Pricing.

Step 2: Verify floor rates and ceiling rates are set.

Step 3: Make sure rates are synced

Combo Compsets are part of the RevMax Premium Subscription.

Step 4: Go to: Pricing Rules>Compset Pricing>Select unit>Click on Comp-Set Settings.

  • Once you are on the Comp-Set Setting tab you will select the Compset Group and then click "Add to List"
  • Once you select 1 or multiple compset groups you can weight them by %, this means whatever the X groups is doing will consider the pricing as the % you set. If you set multiple groups with multiple percentages, the system will bundle them and take an average rate based of all percentages of the compset groups.
  • If you set a discount by period, this will apply after the weight average.
    Example: Let´s say you are looking at your 1BD Compset groups in Koa Lagoon, what would do is you have a weight option  where you determine it as 50%, so that´s going to say whatever "Koa Lagoon 406" is doing it will consider at 50% same as Koa Lagoon 1 BD at 50%, this means, if the first group is at $200 on average rate same as "Koa Lagoon 1BD" we are going to take 50% of the $200 which is $100 same as the second group and, it´s going to sum both.