If you want to apply coupons or discounts for OTAand direct website bookings in your PMS, and you are wondering how those work in partnership with RevMax pricing tools, here are the details.  

*OTA: Online Travel Agency - such as VRBO, AirBNB and Booking.com

Rate Process Flow

Standard / Base / Seasonal Rates are created in your PMS.  Those are then pushed to RevMax as the Base Rate, which you will see as the bottom rate on the Tape Chart.  Pricing rules and dynamic pricing are created in RevMax, which will apply to the Base Rate and then show as the "Top Rate" on the RevMax Tape Chart.  That Top / Selling Rate is pushed back to your PMS.  Your PMS will then apply any Coupons before sending out to the OTAs and your website.

Streamline Users: For more information on creating Coupons in Streamline, please use the KB Article section in Streamline or Zoho system and search "OTA Coupons."  

Other PMS Users: For more information on creating Coupons in your PMS, please reach out to your PMS Customer Support team.