Airbnb's Email Aliases Support Ends on 9/30/23

If you currently use or plan to integrate with Airbnb, there is a crucial update regarding an upcoming change in how they support communications. Airbnb will be discontinuing support for email aliases starting September 30, 2023. This change means that you will no longer receive the guests alias email for communications.

Initial communication will be through the OTA messaging feature in Streamline. This requires configuring OTA specific documents in order to communicate with your guests.

You will still have the ability to request the guest’s email address via OTA messaging when following Airbnb's Off-Platform Booking Policy.


To ensure no interruptions with communications to guests, it is imperative that you configure Airbnb/OTA messaging in your system. This option will allow you to continue sending information/communication from the system.

The Webinars listed below will cover these changes and help outline any updates necessary. We will show configuration examples in the system and have a Q&A. Click the links below to register:

Wednesday 9/27 – 12pm PST

Thursday 9/28 – 12pm PST

Friday 9/29 - 12pm PST

Below are Streamline Knowledge Base articles that you can review now as you begin to prepare:

What’s Changing

Where to find OTA Messaging

How to set up OTA Documents

Additional details from Airbnb can be found HERE.

We understand the timeline is tight to make these updates and we will be here to assist as needed. If you have questions, please contact support and our team will follow up.