Streamline clients can now upload owners contract details into RevMax. Steps for this process:


  • From the Streamline Main menu → Reports → Owner Contract Details
  • Select to EXPORT that file (it will be an Excel format by default)
  • Save it as a CSV file format


  • Submit a ticket to request the ability to “Upload Owner Contract Details”

  • Once that step is completed by a RevMax team member, you can continue with the steps
  • Go to RevMax → Home Settings
  • Click on Import Owner Contract Details

  • Then Select the CSV file to import 
  • Next, click on units to show the unit’s tab and select Owner Contracts tab
  • Then review the Contract Details in the column on the Home Settings Page:


  • This is only available to Streamline partners since files come only from Streamline.
  • Since there are no names on Streamline import file, the imported contract will not have an assigned owner.
  • If there is a contract with overlapping date ranges, the dates will not import or show an error message. Those contract dates would have to be fixed in Streamline.