The short answer is YES.  

**TOP RECOMMENDATION: When utilizing OTA discounts, test sell the rates on those OTA platforms to ensure the final selling rate is where you want it to be.

AirBNB Discounts that you manage through the AirBNB direct dashboard can be applied on top of the final selling rate from the RevMax Tape Chart.

This top selling rate from RevMax is sent back to your PMS, which then applies the OTA mark-up you have already established inside your PMS.  Then any OTA coupons or discounts you have setup directly in AirBNB will be applied to that rate.


  • In your PMS, you have a starting rate and that is sent to RevMax.
    • RevMax then applies any Yielding / Pricing Rules you have setup.  
      • That Yielded Rate is then adjusted based on any discounts, coupons or OTA Rate Type mark-ups to cover commissions you have set up in your PMS.
        • Then that OTA rate is sent to AirBNB, which then would apply a discount if you have set one up in their dashboard.


PMS Starting Rate = $100

    RevMax Yielded Rate = $125

        PMS OTA 5% mark-up = $131

            AirBNB 10% Discount = $118

               Final Rate bookable on AirBNB (before taxes & fees) = $118