This feature will allow you to place period-based floor/ceiling rate settings in bulk by occupancy group or multiple units.

How to setup Floor/Ceiling by time period in bulk?

Step 1: Go to RevMax → Home  Settings. 

Step 2: Click on a unit name to display the unit tab. 

Step 3: Go to the Floor/Ceiling Rates tab.

  •  The new options will be visible in the bottom portion:

Step 4: Add floor or ceiling periods (if not already there), then select the action desired:

  • Apply time-period changes across all units: Will copy periods as empty shells.
  • Apply Floor Rules Only: Will copy Floor periods with values (No ceiling periods).
  • Apply Ceiling Rules Only: Will copy Ceiling periods with values (no floor periods).
  • Apply Floor & Ceiling Values: Will copy both floor and ceiling periods with values.

* Only one action can be selected

Step 5: Select an action and save.

Step 6: Select how this action will apply

  • Apply Time Period Changes to Selected Occupancy Groups> Select Occupancy Group
  • Apply Time Period Changes to Selected Units> Select Units

* This option will be enabled only if an antion is selected, other wise it will be disabled.
* Only one option is posible per Occupancy Group or Units.
* In both cases, multiple selection is possible and drop down will be enabled only if corresponding option is selected.
* If no option is selected, this action will be apply to all units.