If the numbers reporting in LSI do not match your Streamline or RevMax reporting numbers, here are steps to troubleshoot and remedy.


PMS Data

Check the PMS Data to make sure there are NO excluded units from the reporting.  You can find the steps below.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Menu on the left side to the "Settings & Info" section.
  • Click on "PMS Data."
  • Click on the "Exclude Units" section.
  • There should be no units showing in the Excluded section if you want your reports to match.  
    • If you have specific reasons for needing those removed from your portfolio numbers, then you can select those units to be excluded (from the left side.  If you select units to be excluded, keep in mind the numbers will not match between LSI / RevMax and your PMS reports.
  • If there are units in that Excluded list (on the right side), it is recommended to "Remove Exclusion" and have them included so that your reports match between your PMS and LSI / RevMax.
  • If there are no units excluded and your reports still do not match between LSI / RevMax and Streamline, submit a ticket to LSI at help@lsitools.com.  The LSI team may need to do a refresh of your data.
  • If a data refresh is required, or if you remove exclusions to re-include those units, give all systems about 1 hour to refresh the data and then check your reports again.